Liquid Consulting – our expertise

We invented and produce our products ourselves, from scratch and are in close contact to quite a range of suppliers, ingredient specialists and various contractors and experts.

Unusual requirements are our core competence and greatest delight. And a potential, we can make available to you:

Simply consider pHenomenal DRINKS a think tank and inventor's lab for your liquid corporate identity: We develop and produce your signature drink, are the competent mavericks, planners and consultants to your product, from its mere idea to the market – or simply invent the unique present for your customers.

That's done quick, uncomplicated and in smaller editions than you would probably think.

You can also book us – for seminars, tastings and soirees involving very special bar-drinks.

Please get in touch at or by phone: +49-40-98768896

Here are some examples:

CAMPAIN. Drink Integrated

Last summer, the Hamburg advertising agency Serviceplan asked us to develop a signature drink for their employee-parties and as a present to their clients.

After mutual tasting rounds with the clients we produced and delivered not one – but seven signature drinks:

The pear-ginger cordial we exclusively formulated works like an integrated advertising campaign.
Unabigous in it's message but playable in multiple facettes.

Based on the CAMPAINER, we invented six different but coherent cocktail recipes – integrated drinking!

And yet, it took only six weeks from the first meeting to the finished product.


AEB develops software solutions for the logistics sector.

As a main sponsor of the annual LEO-award, AEB asked us to handle a special G&T-bar with our branding for the 400 guests of this black-tie event and produce 400 miniature flasks of our pHenomenal Tonic with AEB logo and a recipe booklet for the giveaway bags.

One of our easiest assignments.

Corporate Christmas

For particular corporate christmas presents, we had a Hanseatic social project tailor-make maritime wooden boxes for us and fitted them with the outstanding GIN SUL, pHenomenal Tonic and our glass-dispenser. Those presents were delivered to our customer in custom cardboard boxes, ready to ship.

Auerbach Shipping

In 2010, the world found itself in the middle of a shipping crisis.
Two gentlemen in their early thirties rose to that occasion, buying their first and exceptionally opportunely freighter to found a successful shipping company: Auerbach Schifffahrt.

We feel considerably honoured, to contribute their official corporate present.


The network

Through close ties to the young German spirit-manufacturers and worldclass bartenders alike, we can curate a wide ranging choice and combination of products that are already successfully established in the market.

Please feel free

to ask us anything that might cross your mind: