What people say about us.

Since our beginnings as our personal case study, we recieved a lot of feedback to our idea, our project, our manufactury and last but not least our products. We don't want to blow our own horn, but we don't want to withhold it neither. Here we go...

"The remarkable Ginger-syrup from Hamburg. Delightful for pure consumption, when topped with soda-water. This way, taste intensity and spicyness can be individually adjusted. Powerful Nose, that, apart from ginger, radiates further facettes of fruit. Our tasters recommend to experiment with the essence as a condiment in cocktails and envision applicability behind the bar, just like that of a bitters."

MIXOLOGY, Magazin für Barkultur, 03/2016

"The person who likes to celebrate his Gin mixes his own pHenomenal Tonic. The taste does not disappoint: It is not comparable to a normal Tonic Water and tastes outstanding. An extremely interesting alternative and quite an eye catcher, especially at summer parties. I can only recommend it – surprise your guests!"

Johannes Hansen, rabattzauber.de

"Your package arrived and my neighbour and I tried the tonic syrup last night – delicious!  And the measuring device for the top of the bottle is lots of fun too.  Now we finally have a tonic to match the quality of the gin."

Dave Lyneham, Hobart, Tasmania

“It is like… to have gotten rid of an old – but once cherished – habit: Mixing good Gin with bad Tonic! I’ll just have another mix of my (pardon: your!)  pHantastic discovery and drink to You, to me and to all the other gourmets. Cheers!”

Melanie Kuehl, Hamburg

"pHenomenal Tonic Syrup is my first acquaintance with a tonic syrup. Although it takes a little practice to hit just the right dosage, it is definitely worth the effort. pHenomenal Tonic Syrup provides a much more rich and intense taste experience. It has a little more of it all. It is for those who would like to do a little extra out of their gin and tonic, and, of course, those who just like to play with their food."

Michael Sperling, Copenhagen Gin Club

"Bloody good job."

Sam Galsworthy, Founder – Sipsmith Independent Spirits

"The best present I got for christmas!"

Roswitha Haslinger, Art Buying Publicis, Munich

"First conclusion: Tasty! The Tonic tastes different depending on the water to syrup ratio. With a bit of testing (with gin, without gin) you quickly get a good feel for the perfect dose. Second conclusion: The ceremony of preparing those drinks is at least as important as the drink itself. That was at least my impression. Trying, tasting, adding, slowly – to not overdose, then trying, tasting again, while talking shop… – that’s fabulous. And pHenomenal does that better, of course, than any readymade tonic."

Torben Hansen. Aquila Capital, Hamburg

"It tasted pHenomenal. I am a GTX-fan anyway, but your magic potion lifts that onto an completely new level. I am impressed."

Daniela Haitzler, Art Buying Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Berlin

"The best Tonic I ever had in my glass!"

Thomas Timmler, GATX Germany

"pHenomenal TONIC, GINGER and WINTER are the ingredients for the drinks I ever wanted to drink!"

Christian Mellin, Freelance Creative Director, Hamburg

"Please – MORE, MORE, MORE!"

Patrizia Mosca, free Artbuyer, München

"Congratulations on reinventing the tonic wheel."

Greg Gormley,
Russell's Saloon,
Dundalk, Ireland