What is it?

pHenomenal TONIC?

What is it? And why should our products be so good? Aren't Tonic waters all the same? Which Drink is perfect for GINGER syrup? We made a tutorial for everyone who would like to know. For everyone who needs help for a decision, we have an awesome online shop. Just order a few bottles and try for yourself.

pHenomenal TONIC

Most places you go asking for a Gin and Tonic, you will commonly be served
 a double shot of Gordon’s Gin over ice in a Collins Glass, a wedge of lemon or lime and some industrial Tonic Water either to fill the glass or in a little bottle on the side. We will not argue: that can be a very refreshing drink. Gordon’s is a good Gin. But why do the small bottles always seem to contain more tonic water than you need? DOes the "filler" match the premium-spirit's quality? Or worse still, why is the Tonic Water from the large bottle half stale?

A more interesting Gin and Tonic can be achieved by using a more interesting Gin.
 Such as Hendrick’s, Gin Sul, The DUKE or The Botanist. 
Changing the Tonic part of the equation though is the way to an outstanding or in the case of pHenomenal Tonic syrup, truly pHenomenal Gin and Tonic. There are a number of new premium Tonic Lemonades on the market now.
 But we chose to take a totally different approach:

Craftmanship and natural, certified organic* ingredients.

pHenomenal Tonic is a concentrated Syrup to which you can add the Gin of your choice and top up with Soda or sparkling mineral water.

We suggest the following ratios for a pHenomenal Gin & Tonic

10cl Soda

2cl pHenomenal Tonic Syrup

4cl Gin

serve over ice cubes in a Collins Glass, stir, enjoy

Why is this better?

We brew a truly special handcrafted Tonic Syrup from all natural, certified organic* ingredients of the highest possible qualities in very limited quantities. pHenomenal Tonic has a very complex flavour profile. It encompasses the bitter notes of natural chinchona, a certain tartness from lemongrass and a full range of different citrus fruits. It is sweetened with organic* agave.
 There isn’t anything artificial to it.
 We don’t cut corners here.

...and your fridge will not be crammed with stale bottles of industrial tonic water.

pHenomenal GINGER

In contrast to the rather mild „Ginger Ale“
„Ginger Beer“ in the English world defines a drink of distinctive spiciness and a taste of fruity Ginger-notes.

There are some variations:

  • Industrial made spicy ginger lemonades that quite often are neither spicy, nor contain too much ginger. Being sweetened mostly with profane white sugar or – even worse – with high-fructose-syrup made from gmo-corn.
  • alcoholic ginger beer, being brewed in the UK since the early 19th century.
  • Homemade “Ginger Beer” from fermentation of water, ginger, sugar and lemonjuice, aided by the "Ginger Beer Plant", a gel-like matter, consisting of  Saccharomyces florentinus and the bacteria Lactobacillus hilgardii, in a symbiotic coexistence.
    As exciting as this is, it does not lead to a drink, conforming to German food-laws.
    Besides, those bottles tend to explode during transport...


In Hamburg, we craft pHenomenal GINGER, a certified organic* syrup that is mixed with soda water right in your glass.
That saves space in your fridge and allows precise dosage of the actual drink. Essentially, our syrup consists of organic* Ginger and Orange juice and is carefully sweetened with organic* agave syrup.
Perfect as a non-alcoholic lemonade, with Rum as Dark & Stormy, with Vodka as Moscow Mule or with Gin as London Buck.

*board of control DE-ÖKO 039