Dear Food-Nerds!

Tonic- without Water, Ginger- without -beer? Mulled- without -wine?
That's not only good news for your bar(s) but opening a whole new set of possibilities for food-pairings and the creative cuisine:

pHenomenal TONIC Vinaigrette

6 cl Lemon juice or good, white balsamic vinegar
6 cl good olive-oils or partially high quality grape seed oil
1 Teaspoon of pHenomenal TONIC
1/2 Tespoon of french mustard

Pepper, salt, a bit of sugar

Shake everything in a sealed glas-jar, taste, adjust and serve on your salad.

pHenomenal Chocolate Malheurs

120 g Butter
50g Flour
80 g Icing sugar
3 Eggs
250 g Chocolate, Fair Trade, whole milk or bitter, to taste
3 Teaspoons pHenomenal WINTER syrup

Stir warm butter and eggs to a smooth mass.
Add sieved flour, sugar and the molten chocolate and the pHenomenal WINTER syrup.
Mix well and put into a well buttered muffin form.
Bake at 250° in a pre heated oven for only 6 minutes and remove immediately when the malheurs stop feeling liquid on their surface.
Wait two minutes before taking out for serving.
The malheurs should be solid on the outside with warm but liquid texture in their core.

Gin & Tonic Sorbet

100 g Sugar
100 ml Water
120 ml pHenomenal TONIC syrup
35 ml Lemonjuice, organic, freshly squeezed
130 ml Gin-Sul
Orange zest, organic
3 stems of fresh mint, the leaves

Carefully dissolve sugar in water, pHenomenal TONIC Syrup, mint and finely chopped orange-zest.
Cool the emerging syrup down to fridge-temperature, add Gin-Sul and pass through a sieve into your fancy ice-maker or a well sealable plastic-box.
For the latter, rest in your refridgerator, while thoroughly stirring once an hour.

Variant: Leave out the orange, replace half the water with cucumber juice, add Hendrick's Gin.

Did you find an interesting recipe, involving our pHenomenal products??

Please let us share it. Preferrably with a bunch of pretty pictures to publish on our page. We honor your effort with a free bottle of pHenomenal of your choice!