It is truly, utterly easy!

Four steps lie between you and a perfect tonic- or ginger-lemonade. And we wouldn't be who we are, if we wouldn't describe these simple steps in our passion for details.

Step 1

Use a suitable measure to fill it with 10 cl (100 ml) of sparkling soda water. Pour into your drinking glass or carraffe. Our Erlenmeyer flasks are very nice for this job. You'll find them in our online shop. Icecubes recommended…

Step 2

Now measure 2cl (or 20ml) of pHenomenal syrup and carefully pour into your glass. Our glass-dispensers make this step both classy and easy.

Step 3

Looks great already…

Step 4

… but only after some careful stirring, your drink will be perfect. Cheers!