Lets dig a bit deeper into things here:

Not dealing with Tonic or Ginger lemonade but their concentrated essences will open completely new horizons in mixing more elaborate drinks. Here are some of our finds for your inspiration. With a little help from our friends – creative bartenders we met and happy customers – we present you the pHenomenal signature drinks:

The Sylt Island Iced Tea

6 cl Ginger Ale
1,5 cl pHenomenal Ginger
1 teabag Eilles “ruby hot & cold”
Pour over Ice in a chilled Tumbler, add the teabag for as long as 2-3 minutes for a remarkably refreshing non alcoholic summer drink.
Depending on taste, garnish with a slice of lime.
Around sunset, add 2 cl GIN SUL if indicated.

idea: Dominik Schleicher – Windrose, Sylt

The pHegu Club

The pHegu Club is a variation of the Classic “Pegu Club”:

6 cl Gin,
3 cl Cointreau,
1 cl lime juice,
1 barspoon of sugar sirup
1 barspoon of pHenomenal Tonic syrup
Shake over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass of your choice

Thanks to David Overall, Stevenage – UK

The pHenomenal Negroni

3 cl Gin
3 cl Red Vermouth
2 cl Campari
1 cl pHenomenal Tonic
Stir over Ice and strain, straight up, in chilled coupe or a Tumbler with large ice cube and a dash of Soda, depending on taste, garnish with orange zest.

idea: Savvy Bar, Hamburg

Old pHashioned Beton

This rather fabulous drink combines two all-time favourites – the Old Fashioned and the Prague classic Beton.
5 cl Rye Whiskey (Rittenhouse 100)
2 cl Becherovka
1 cl rich demerara syrup
1 barspoon pHenomenal Tonic syrup
Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit peel (in mixing glass)
Stir over Ice and strain into a Tumbler with a large ice cube.

It’s deliciously boozy, yet surprisingly balanced and mild while the tonic, herbal and citrus aromas run riot.

And should you not know Beton yet, it’s Prague’s take on the G&T: Becherovka Original and Tonic.
6 cl Becherovka
3 cl pHenomenal Tonic syrup
15 cl sparkling water
Serve over ice, camouflage with a slice of cucumber. (Delicious, really.)

The pHesper Martini

A variation of an immortal classic: The first martini, James Bond ordered in Casino Royale.

6 cl of Gordon’s Gin (47,6% Alc. if available)
2 cl of vodka
2 cl of Lillet blanc
1 barspoon of pHenomenal TONIC
lemon peel for garnish
Stir over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Thanks to David Overall, Stevenage – UK

Pink Port Tonic

a nice, fruity and less boozy variation on the G&T theme.

10 cl sparkling water
2-4cl chilled white Port
2 cl pHenomenal Tonic
a nice slice of Pink Grapefruit
3 leaves of fresh mint
Serve over ice, garnish with Grapefruit zest

Thanks Viv, great find!

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